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Disasters happen.

We can't stop a storm or a fire or a thief. But we can be prepared for emergencies.

At Cleland & Associates, we offer the best combination of price, coverage and service to fit your individual needs. We take the time to design a responsible protection program for you and your valuables.

Cleland & Associates Insurance, Inc., was established in 1989 with the primary focus of helping those in the numismatic field get the protection they need for their prized collections. We are the professional leader in providing insurance to coin dealers worldwide.

We know our clients. We know the coin world. We know insurance. Together these add up to the best place to help you find the security you need for your possessions.

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We invite you to review our website and to learn more about our services. Whether you are a dealer, a collector, an investor, auctioneer or anyone involved in the numismatic field, you need to understand what is needed and what is available.

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